Food & Drink Strategy

This strategy provides a blueprint for the growth of the county’s Food & Drink sector.  It identifies the opportunities and action plan to enable Carlow to differentiate itself in offering a sustainable enterprise and employment development within a thriving local food and drink landscape

Carlow has a significant food story and heritage, but the sector has not capitalised effectively on the opportunities available from this. This is due to the lack of a unifed story and strong marketing plan along with the fact Carlow is not identified as a food destination by locals or visitors.

The goal of the Food and Drink Industry Strategy encourages the production, processing, promotion, and consumption of locally produced food and drink, allowing Carlow reach its full potential by effectively communicating its food philosophy in a consistent and engaging story. 

Analysis of the current landscape identified 5 key pillars for the progression of this industry.

1. Marketing Plan

Creation of a cohesive narrative backed by an integrated marketing plan and website.

2. Integrated Voice

Develop a food & drink forum to give a voice to the integrated activities and experiences.

3. Experiences

Support and develop collaborative experiences to put Carlow on the foodie map

4. Training

Provide relevant training and business support to start-up and scaling businesses

5. Development

Develop regional partnerships and collaborations for future opportunities.

The strategy focuses on recommendations for cross-border opportunities and challenges and how the successful partnerships between producers, retailers, food & drink providers, and immersive food experiences can enable effective delivery of Carlow as a foodie destination.

Food & Drink Strategy PDF Download